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Driver for Allen Bradley Compatlogix or ControLogix

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Before even start the project I'm looking for a Lookout driver that could work with CompactLogix or ControLogix PLCs from Allen Bradley, Ethernet/IP protocol. There are 5 AB drivers in Lookout, I'll need a driver that fully work with these PLCs.


Please, no OPC server of AB, no serial...


Any recommendation?

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I just shipped a project that used Controllogix PLC and Lookout HMI.

The good news; The system worked fine and the communication was fast and uniterrupted.

The bad news; You have to use the Controllogix Ethernet OPC server that comes with Lookout.


The OPC server setup was a snap using the help file.

Unfortunately you need a 1756-ENET or 1756-ENBT and they are $300 or $1000 respectively on eBay.

You need a fixed IP on the ethernet module.

When setting up the device ID on the OPC you have to get to the Controllogix Ethernet help file as its format is;,1,0


I had an inexpensive 1756-ENET working but the PC was rebuilt and the tech down south could not get RSLogix to recognize that ethernet adapter. Maybe I did not install enough older revisions of RSLogix.

A 1756-ENBT worked fine.






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No direct driver, you used OPC server.


I was hopping that with some work one of the existing AB drivers in Lookout can talk Ethernet/IP with the CompactLogix or ControLogix PLC. Pehaps Lookout 6.5 came with fresher drivers...


I knew that there is the OPC option...$995 just for the Allen Bradley OPC server. The OPC Client is in Lookout, and works fine. By the way, there is no run time only version of the AB Server, it has to be paid per computer ....$995 each.


Lookout 6.5 has been released for Windows 7 and Vista but I haven't heard anything about new drivers in this Lookout release. 




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We didn't update the native drivers in Lookout, but added the OPC Server to Lookout. As far as you purchase lookout 6.2/6.5, you have the OPC Server. The price for OPC Server is included in the Lookout software.




Ryan Shi
National Instruments
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OPC server of Lookout?


Lookout is a big OPC server by itself.


I don't see a way of connecting Lookout as the server and the AB PLCs as clients,


Can someone explaing better?

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In the system I integrated, I set up the NI OPC server to generate a tagname database on every startup.

The NI OPC server will start when the PC starts by default and generate the tagname database if the PLC is hooked up the the ethernet.

The NI OPC server looks like the $795 Kepware OPC server with "NI" in place of "KEP".


From Lookout, create an NIOPCServer object.

Bada bing everything there.


I was apprehensive having to use OPC from a struggle I had about six years ago with an Automationdirect OPC server that did not work.


Another thing I do to make it easy for the end user is to use Windows Task Scheduler to start lookout about thirty seconds after the PC starts and do the trick to have Lookout start with the main panel activated and maximized.

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That is something else I would like to do: to open Lookout AFTER all services are ready. Can you explain with more details how you introduce a delay to open Lookout?


About the NIOPC server for Lookout, is there a charge for Run Time only?


About other OPC's, I have use a lot of OPC servers from different brands connected to OPC Client of Lookout. Some servers are good and easy, some other are... better go around with other ways.



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That figures -- "Schedule Tasks" on XP does not have the advanced option to start after a delay on a task that will start after system start or user logon.

I was working on a Vista box when I did that.

I just checked and W7 has the advanced task scheduler that offers a delay.


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I don't know for sure about the OPC for runtime.

It seems like it would have to be included.

I have not seen otherwise in the breakdown in prices.

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Accepted by topic author 23r23

Thanks to all who send me thier ideas and work around. I was looking for a direct driver in Lookout to talk to there AB CompactLogix and ControLogix PLCs with Ethernet/IP protocol. But there is not direct driver for it, seem to me that the only way is using OPC Server/Client like you guys did, so I'll check the box as responded (or answered) and close this topic.


I thought that the OPC Server of Lookout will be good only for talking with other Lookout computers, but I tried this with Lookout 6.02. I had to set DCOM, and it worked! All the tags abnd variables on the server side appeared in the client side!


Lookout is by itself a big OPC Server, if you know how to use it.


Thanks to all.


NOTE: The OPC client of Lookout is real GOOD, all it needs is a GOOD OPC SERVER, that's it.


Rudy Lopez.

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