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Does Lookout 5.0 work with cFP-1804?

One of my customers uses Lookout 5.0 on Win2000 machine with FP-1601 and FP-DI-300.  He now wants to add cFP-1804 and cFP-DI-300 in the same network.  What changes does he have to make in order to accomplish it?


He created the current Lookout application in 2003.  I assume that the NI-FieldPoint driver is old, and he probably need to upgrade it.  I am concerned that the newest version of NI-FieldPoint may not work with Lookout 5.0.  Are there any compatibility issues between Lookout 5.0 and the newest version of NI-FieldPoint 6.0.4?


The customer would like to remain with Lookout version 5.0 for now.  If there is a compatibility issue between them, which version of NI-FieldPoint should he use for using cFP-1804?


Thank you.



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The fieldpoint driver is not a problem. Lookout actually doesn't use the driver directly.


I think you have two options.

1. Use OPCFieldpoint to connect FieldPoint opc server. The OPC Server should work with any fieldpoint device.

2. Use Modbus. I remember that 1804 supports modbus, but needs to update firmware? I'm not sure.

Ryan Shi
National Instruments
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Hi Ryan,


Thank you very much for the useful info.  It sounds like OPCFieldPoint is the way to go.  First, I need to find out how the customer's current Lookout application communicates with FP-1601.  Hopefully, it uses OPCFieldPoint, then he does not have to make any changes other than upgrading NI-FieldPoint to use cFP-1804.  Thank you!



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