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Control Loss



I am using Lookout 6.7.1 and experiencing an inability to switch relays in a Field Point bank occasionally when the process is launched. They are setup to communicate via Ethernet. It doesn't appear to be the full bank failing, but individual element(s). It is also not the same relay that always fails. Generally, restarting Lookout can clear up the issue, but I'm hoping there is a solution where the Lookout process can correct the issue.


Thus far, I have made sure that each IP in the IAK file and the FieldPoint object in Lookout match the address of the bank. There does seem to be a Comm Failure and an alarm for Bad Quality on the bank. I reset the bank in MAX to see if it would clear it, but it did not.


Any ideas?

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Here is some additional info:

- Operating System: Windows 7

- Field Point Modules Used: cfp-180x, cfp-RLY-425, cfp-RTD-122, cfp-AI-100, cfp-DI-330, cfp-PWM-520

- The computer is connected a Layer 3 Ethernet switch that is connected to the cfp-180x module

- The computer also has a second Ethernet cable to the switch. Each NIC has a static IP with a specific subnet. One is set to the subnet for the cfp Ethernet module and the other to another PC in the configuration.


Let me know if you have any questions.




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