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Help Please


I try to install NI-DAQmx 8.0.1  But I have this message :

******************************** ERROR ****************************************
* The version of gcc in the path does not match the version of gcc used to *
* compile the currently running kernel. This can cause unpredictable *
* behavior in kernel drivers and should be fixed. *
* gcc version: version gcc 4.2.2 20071128 (prerelease) (4.2.2%3.1mdv2008.0)
* kernel compiled with: 4.2.2 *
******************************** ERROR ****************************************

what can I do please ?

And how can I make Utility ?

My mandriva is :

[root@localhost DAQ]# cat /proc/version
Linux version 2.6.23 0.rc8.rt1.2mdvsmp ( (gcc version 4
.2.2 20070909 (prerelease) (4.2.2 0.RC.1mdv2008.0)) #1 SMP PREEMPT RT Thu Sep 27

and my GCC version is :

[root@localhost DAQ]# gcc  v
Utilisation des specs internes.
Target: i586 mandriva linux gnu
Configuré avec: ../configure   prefix=/usr   libexecdir=/usr/lib   with slibdir=
/lib   mandir=/usr/share/man   infodir=/usr/share/info   enable checking=release
  enable languages=c,c++,ada,fortran,objc,obj c++,java   host=i586 mandriva lin
ux gnu   with cpu=generic   with system zlib   enable threads=posix   enable sha
red   enable long long   enable __cxa_atexit   disable libunwind exceptions   en
able clocale=gnu   enable java awt=gtk   with java home=/usr/lib/jvm/java 1.4.2
gcj   enable gtk cairo   disable libjava multilib   enable ssp   dis
able libssp
Modèle de thread: posix
version gcc 4.2.2 20070909 (prerelease) (4.2.2 0.RC.1mdv2008.0)

Thanks you for your answer

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Please see the already started discussion on the NI forums.

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