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Impedance Spectroscopy using Solartron 1260



I'm an Electrical Engineering student and I got a part-time job in a life science institute.

They want me to do impedance spectroscopy on cell suspension.


I've got the LV driver for the SI1260 and I managed to draw a working program for data acquisition and a data correction procedure too.


But my experiments seam to go wrong. I have theoretical background but I still have some practical unanswered questions about the 4 point measurements technique.


So if someone is aware of the subject and willing to discus please drop a mesege here.



Thank you!


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what problems you have with four probe impedance spectroscopy measurements ?

I use EIS daily so maybe i can help you



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At frequencies between 10^5 and 10^6 i have a strong capacitive effect (my spectra falls to almost 0).This effect is invariant with the conductivity of the solution (which is correct since capacitance does not vary with conductivity) and it varies very little with the distance between the measurement electrodes (I mean it always appears more or less at the same frequency).

The analyzer is recently calibrated and it should perform fine until 1MHz. This makes me think that there is a problem with my measure electrodes.

For curent electrodes I use chrome and for measure electrodes I have tried dental stainless steel, agar, carbon.  I always have my electrodes recesed from the measurement chamber as described by Schwan.

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