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create CVI DLL to be called in LUA

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Hello everyone,


I am a LabVIEW user and new to LabWindows. Currently, I have to plan a project which needs to integrate software in different languages.

The situation is that I have one LabVIEW vi needs to be integrated into a HMI which is written in LUA. I am now thinking is it feasible to first convert LabVIEW vi or project first into CVI DLL and than call it in LUA. Does anyone have some experince/ advices about it? I found it is possible to using LUA in LabVIEW with LuaView. How about the other way round?


Any pointer will be highly appricated.




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I am Ed from National Instruments Applications Engineering. I have been forwarded your query which I am happy to assist you with.


I believe the following article should provide you with the necessary steps to develop a DLL from a LabVIEW project:


After which, if LUA is capable of calling C DLL's then you should then be able to use the DLL as you would a C DLL. From which some research outlined you may need a module from the stack overflow page which I have also linked below and also a suggested module to use on this stack overflow page:






Best regards,



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