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NI-MAX does not export advanced settings

NI-MAX does not export advanced settings of my 8431 serial boards such as WIRE MODE. Is there any way to export?


My software versions, export steps, exported file and report attached.




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Hello Gokan,


Which of the 8431 boards are you using? PCI, PCI2 or PXI? Would you update your NI Serial driver? You can download them from here:,ssnav:sup/q/ni%20s...


You can download the newest version, try the procedure again, and let me know how is it going for you.



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NI Colombia
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Hello Miriam,

I am using 8431 PXI boards. I tried the newest version of NI serial but it doesn't work. 

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Hello Gocal,


We've been doing some testing with an 8431 and you can't export the Wire Mode setting. You would have to do it programmatically, it's recommended to do it programmatically that way you have more optimized control.


Follow this link, this shows you how to do it in CVI


I hope this helps.



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NI Colombia
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Hey Gocal,


Do you need to export MAX settings because you want to save them or set up the same hardware configuration on another machine? If yes, you can use LabVIEW as an alternative to MAX. You can create a VI that uses "VISA Configure Serial Port" VI together with Instrument class property node to get the wire mode for serial communication. (see this KB for more details). The "VISA Configure Serial Port" VI allows you to set the resource name, data bits, baud rate and all the other serial settings. You can then save this VI and run this VI on another machine. This way every time you run this VI it will configure the serial port based on the inputs that you specify for "VISA Configure Serial Port" VI and the  Instrument class property node.


Sev K.
Senior Systems R&D Engineer | Wireless | CLA
National Instruments
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