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FTDI libMPSSE in LabWindows

Recently purchased FTDI cable C232HM-EDHSL-0, drivers installed OK automatically via Internet.  I’m trying to compile the libMPSSE I2C sample-static program under LabWindows CVI 2013 SP2.  I took heed of their FTDI knowledgebase article, except my version of CVI doesn’t have the VisualC/C++ compatibility choice under Build Options.  There is also some confusion about the several ftd2xx.lib files I find (but I’ve tried them all and get same error).  Compiles OK, but linking problem.


Typical linking error: Undefined symbol '_I2C_CloseChannel@4' referenced in "c:\Users\...\{my program}.obj".


windows, ftd2xx and libMPSSE headers present, ftd2xx.lib included in project



Any advice out there?

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Can you try compiling the program in a different development environment that does support VisualC/C++ such as Visual Studio? If you get the same linking error, then we can at least eliminate LabWindows/CVI from the equation.

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Thanks, Daniel.  Problem solved by using their dynamic (uses libMPSSE.dll) sample program instead of the static one.

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