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Error -2147418113 when connecting with SQL toolkit

I have no trouble connecting with DBConnect( ) to an Access database.  However, when I try to connect to an Oracle database (Oracle73 driver), I get error -2147418113 "Catastrophic failure".  Any ideas?  Thanks.

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Hi Gris, 


This seems to be a relatively common error when connecting to SQL databases and is not necessarily related to LabWindows/CVI. The following are several third party resources that I hope you will find helpful in your troubleshooting: 

Microsoft Support 1

Microsoft Support 2

Microsoft Support 3


There is one KnowledgeBase referring to this error when expereinced in our LabVIEW Database Connectivity that you may also find helpful: 

Receiving Error -2147418113 "Catastrophic Failure in" When Using Database Connectivity Toolki...


I hope this helps!



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