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Delaunay triangulation function


I'm looking for the Delaunay triangulation function in CVI but couldn't find it. Did I miss it or is yhis function not available in CVI.

I found some results for Labview but not CVI. Is it possible to use the Labview implementation in CVI?


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Hello Bertrand_ENAC,


I think you have 2 different solutions to achieve your goal.


  1. If you want to use specifically the LabVIEW function, you can create a DLL using this function from LabVIEW, and then use it in LabWindows/CVI.
  2. You can find an open-source mathematic library containing an implementation of Delaunay triangulation and use it in your code.



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Hello @Bertrand_ENAC,

based on my experience, when you have this kind of needs in CVI the best option is searching a third-party library that fulfills your requirements and wrap it into a CVI project.

Usually the most difficult thing is to find a library written in plain-C clang-compliant.

If you use one of the lastes CVI release (2015 or newer) the integration is easier (usually).


I don't know if this is ok for you but this site seems to point to a couple of C source files to do this kind of triangulation.


In claris non fit interpretatio

Using LV from 7
Using LW/CVI from 6.0
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