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I am able to write my measured values to spreadsheet but i wanted the labels to be saved along with the values.

 Also that i want each value to be plotted in a graph/chart.


Pls guide

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Try something like this. Edit: Sorry, unable to attach file (getting some error). How to do: 1. Read cluster label by using its property node. 2. convert cluster to array by using "Cluster To" and convert to string (num to array func). 3. Merge label array and number array (build array) 4. write that data to spread sheet file. if u want label and value in separate cell, add comma between label and data.
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Attach your Vi instead of some oversized picture.

What's the point of the FOR loop? Seems unecessary.

What is your LabVIEW version?

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Thank you both for your support 🙂

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I get the text and value in same column,what if i wanted the text in one column and the value in another.

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Here is the code,it does exactly what i was asking for.



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As you can see,for few columns,manaully the column/row size has to be adjusted as the Text is larger.


Any inputs if that can be controlled from code??????

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If you want to have the delimiters lined up, then you can format the fields to a specific length.


Add a zero to the front to make the strings right justified w/r/t the delimiter.


I used the string length function and a max/min to find the length of the longest string, then added one to separate one column from the next.


I also removed your redundant transpose an transpose input to the write spreadsheet function ( 2 transpose = no transpose:) )


Your while loop would only ever run once based on the comparison you used, it was not needed so I removed that too.


Write to Spreadsheet 1.png

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