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wireless (GPS)


I am using LabVIEW with our GPS prgram for a NASA funded senior project. We want to know if we can receive data wirelessly. Presently, we are using a serial connection (RS-232 ) and want to switch over to our wireless card (D-Link)

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LabVIEW has TCP and serial VIs, both of which don't care what the actual connection implementation is like. A WLAN is treated exactly the same as a regular LAN.
If your GPS device only has a serial connection, you will need to get a RS232-Ethernet converter (probably a matter of 50-200$), unless your D-Link device is capable of working directly with serial comm. We use converters from a company called Tibbo, which work fine.
You will also need a wireless connection on both sides.
Basically, once you have the wireless network set up, you just open a TCP connection to the converter and then send and receive the data using the TCP VIs instead of the serial VIs. The converter sends the serial data to the device, reads the response and sends it back to you in your TCP connection.

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