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why activation is requiring in an application?

Hi all,

I have built an application in LabVIEW 2011 platform. The vi inside this build consists of basic LabVIEW functions and some functions from Vision development toolkit. So at the time building the application I have included LabVIew run time engine and vision run time engine. But after installation of the build in a new machine, activation is requiring for vision. But I don't want to activate my product there. I just want to deploy by the installer. I have built a lot of installer but never faced such problem. Please guide me in this issue.

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Vision is one of the few NI toolkits that requires a runtime license (I think TestStand is another one) for deployments. You can see the product page for the license here:


You can view the details of other runtime licenses here:


I suggest you contact your local NI sales rep!

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I'm not sure why you are hiding the details of the question.  However, the "obvious" answer (which has already been pointed out) is "You are using something that requires a Run-Time License".  Vision is one of these ...



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It costs $423 for a vision license whenever you want to deploy a vision application on another computer. It might be only if you use the IMAQdx drivers, but I'm not sure about that. When you run your program on the remote computer, it should prompt you to start a 7-day trial. If it does not prompt, you can call NI and they will give you a trial key. I believe you can access a camera in MAX without having a vision license. Best of luck!

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