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wavy water shape


i have been assigned to a project of water tank filling and draining but with a twist

i need to show water as real water like in Wavy shape and not just a rectangular shape

how can this be done

kindly help

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Can you elaborate a little bit? Do you just need a wavy shape moving up and down in the tank? Or do you want to add droplets to the tank, watching the waves propagating outward and then reflecting off the sides of the tank interfering with other waves?

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Thanks for replying!

I currently need just a wavy shape moving up and down in the tank. But adding droplets will also be a nice addition. But if you would only help me with the wavy shape, that would also be very helpful as i am a bit new to LabView

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You could do it quite easily using an XY graph. On your plot properties you just have to select Baseline Fill >> -infinity to get the filled in effect.



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Thanks a lot for you help

i did use this graph method

but i didn't knew how to shift the wave up and down

can you Kindly label things in this like the one before system XY, i don't know what that is

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The shift is done by simply adding a number "slide" as the offset. Combining the array of X and Y data is done using a "bundle" node. Press ctrl+space for quickdrop and type in "bundle".

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Thanks a lot i really appreciate your help.
and correct me if i am wrong.. i can use loops to make filling automatic, replacing slider with a numeric or something like that?

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Yes absolutely, just add an appropriate "Wait (ms)" in there (maybe 50 or 100ms) so it doesn't consume your CPU.

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OK! I'll let you know once i am done

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One more thing please!.
that shape with SINE graph in it, is it a sin waveform generator?
if yes, than i have to give the input in OFFSET?

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