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waveform graph

I need to make a waveform graph that has three plots; one plot needs one scale and the other two need a different scale.  I can plot the three lines but can't find a way to get different Y-axis scales (except to make 3 different waveform graphs but then the curves are not on top of each other).


I assume this can be done using a property node but I don't see an obvious or easy way to do it.



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It's just a right click option on the scale. Select "Duplicate Scale'. You can then swap sides or not. You also have to click in the plot legend (i.e. Y Scale>Amplitude 2) to assign each plot to a specific scale.

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Dennis' suggestion is spot-on. As an addendum/clarification, you need to right-click on an existing scale to see the duplicate option.



Tom L.
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To further expand, if you then want to programatically modify a scale, you have to first select it with the Active Y Scale (or Active X Scale) property.

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Is the "Swap Sides" available programtically?  If so, I have not been able to find it in any of the graph property trees. . .?


We have a program where the users want to be able to "swap sides" on the x-axis at run-time, depending on if they y-axis data is "flipped" or not. (Flipped, coincidentally, can be set during run-time.)

CLD LabVIEW 7.1 to 2016
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(As a possible workaround to my own question, if I duplicate the x-axis and move the second scale to opposite side at edit time, I can selectively show one or the other (or both) scales at run time, though it would have been cleaner and simpler to implement if there was a boolean input akin to "flipped".)

CLD LabVIEW 7.1 to 2016
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