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wat s the difference b/w waveform graph and XY graph

can anyone tell me the diff b/w wf graph and xy graph..... i can generate a sine wave or any wave in waveform graph using sine wave tool but i cant do it in XY graph.... can u plz help me for tht............ -dhinesh
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Hi cryptic number,


well it's like the name says:

waveform graphs display waveforms (y data vs time) whereas XY graphs display any kind of xy data - but you have to provide both (x and y) data. On how to do this you could simply look at the context help for the graphs...

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using LV2016/2019/2021 on Win10/11+cRIO, TestStand2016/2019
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A broader definition for waveform graphs is that they will display any plot in which the points on the X axis are evenly spaced. The points do not need to be time. An XY graph does not require this, but as Gerd indicated, you must provide both X and Y. As suggested, please open the Example Finder (Help -> Find Examples) and search for "graph". You will find several examples that clearly explain how to create such graphs.
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There are examples that are shipped with labVIEW ,  search in the Example finder for XY Graph , u will find a VI that describes all cases and uses of an XY Graph whether in single or multi plotting . the same with the Wave form graph..



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