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virtual labview using cloud computing

I am working on pulse monitoring of EDM using Labview and sending my data continuously to the cloud. Now I want to run the same Labview program virtually on my other computer from where I can run my data from the cloud and monitor the same pulses.

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A further explanation of what is to be accomplished would be useful. Have you looked into LabVIEW Web Services or SystemLink?


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"The cloud" is a little vague, but if you can remotely access a fixed (remote) device you can happily use it just like a local installation (licences aside).


If you're dynamically allocating a new computer each time, then you want to make sure you start from a point with LabVIEW installed. I think there's a guide regarding labview with AWS somewhere that might be helpful even if you're not using Amazon. I'll edit it in if I find it...

This isn't exactly what I was looking for, but there's a subforum discussing Cloud Computing: LabVIEW Cloud Toolkits. Recent discussions seem to focus on Azure. There's also a LabVIEW Cloud Toolkit for AWS by NI.

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If you would like to see the data from external PC, I recommend SystemLink Cloud.

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