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video streaming


In the attached VI I am able to transmit video from sender to receiver and play the video but I need to do the same work using the USRPs. Can anyone suggest how can I do this using USRPs? Please let me know


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In the first step use a stored video file as source. We try to playback this video sent from the transmitter and check whether we are able to reproduce the same video at the receiver. This shall be done in simulator mode without the use of USRP and just by the loop back of transmitter and receiver.

2. The USRPs shall be introduced into picture and loop back removed. The receiver and transmitter side is implemented on each USRP and again a video file shall be transmitted and received.

3. Real-time video capture can be established using a camera which acts as the new video source. GStreamer framework could be used to process the video signal and connect to the GNU radio.


VOD server software

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