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vi for laser diode control

I want to control the laser wavelength (laser diode) by varying current and temperature through labview. I am using NI DAQ - PCI 6251. And then obtain the data in graphical form. 

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Good for you.


Did you have a specific question?

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Can you provide a basic layout??


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@bsunny wrote:

Can you provide a basic layout??


And do your work for you?  Really???


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Basic layout for what?  You haven't provided any information about how you're going to stimulate the diode or what you want to measure (and how). 


The 6251 can only output voltage so...

How will you change the current level?

How will you change temperature?

What device will you measure the diode frequency output with?

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Laser diodes can be quite sensitive to changes in temperature and current.  Setting values outside a rather narrow range may result in destruction of the diode.  Unless your diodes are very cheap and you have a lot of them, I recommend that you build some high performance control circuits with hardwired limits to protect your diodes and then allow the software to control the current and temperature within those limit through the control circuits.



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