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for a certain project,with vi's as dependencies. my question is say i have vi's in dependencies from EXAMPLE: myfolder and i open them,when the project is open, by clicking on them under the dependencies section. if i make changes to the vi's, does that make changes to the original vi's on their own. or just to them under this project, if that makes sense?



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Yes - if you open a VI that is in the dependencies, make a change to it and then save it you are modifying the original file (i.e. the one in 'myfolder').


You have to be careful when doing this as you might break some other code (or even built in vi.lib VIs!).


Probably best to create a copy of the file in your project folder and update the project to use that VI if you need to modify it just for your current project.


You can also look at using .lvlibs and/or VI packages for re-use libraries.

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