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transfering word data to word template report



Could someone help me here please:  I have a draft report generated from an equipment (see attached document name draft report.doc). I need to transfer data from this draft to a template ( see attached doc named template. doc), and this should look like the final report (see attached doc named final report.doc).


I tried this (see the attached code), it seems to work but I am not able to get transfer the image (the graph) and also I need the right formating as shown on the example of the attached final report.


Any help will be appreciated.



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Sorry, here is the doc name final report.doc

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For the formatting you can use the Set Font with font settings calibri size 8. Extracting a picture from a Word document to insert it into another Word document is not a simple task that can be accomplish with the VIs of the Report Generation Toolkit. You will have to use Word ActiveX methods and properties. Attached is a vi that copy the first picture of the draft report and copy it to the Image1 bookmark (there are no Image bookmarks define in your template so you will have to add them) of the template report.


Note, your template report should be a .dot file, not a .doc file.



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Thanks a lot, this is perfect for copying and pasting the picture.


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