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tds3014 data acquisition with Labview

I'm trying to save signals from I Tektronix TDS3014 Scope using the ni gpib to usb bridge. i can read the Data using with the software supplied by Tekroniks (Open Choice dektop and NI signal Expres Tektronix edition). However i get an errorwhen i want to change the trigger frim the signal to an external trogger (channel 4)
 Ultimately I'd like to generate a Labview Programm (Labview 7.0) Which allows me to read the scope and save as the signal as a csv.
Are there any drivers that i am missing?

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Howdy pete,

It sounds like you've already made some excellent progress with Open Choice and Signal Express Tek Edition! To use your scope in a LabVIEW application, you first want to download and install the LabVIEW plug-and-play (non-project-style) drivers for your TDS3014, available here, courtesy of IDNet. After downloading and installing the drivers to your instr.lib LV directory, this DeveloperZone article walks through the process of using instrument drivers in a LabVIEW environment.

Additional references: How Can I Find and Install an Instrument Driver for my Instrument?

I hope this helps!
Warm regards,

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thanks i'll give that a try. Peter
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