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sub panel not allowing mouse clicks

I am using a LabVIEW built execuatble Teststand Operator Interface, and I have a Sub-panle where I want to display a labview vi, which gets called at one of the steps during the Teststand sequence.  The problem is the labview vi displays in the sub panel on the operator interface, but it will not accept clicks. Effectively it is only a visual placement of the vi, and doesn't actually except input.
I'm guessing that it is maybe somehow related to the run time and development versions of LabVIEW being loaded, but can't tell.
I want the code to function as such, I run the LabVIEW Operator Interface, and when the sequence file gets to the piece of code it needs to display, I then am able to click in the sub-panel to allow information to be passed through to the Sequence file in this way.
Anybody got any ideas?
Many Thanks,
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Hi, ADL.

That certainly is unusual behavior. Let me make sure I'm understanding you correctly. It sounds like we can subtract TestStand from this equation -- basically you've got one LabVIEW-built VI containing a subpanel which is displaying another VI.

If I'm correct, let's try this first. Are you able to run the subpanel example that ships with LabVIEW without any trouble? (You can find it by selecting Help>>Find Examples and searching for "subpanel.") If that accepts clicks as expected, what if you substitute your subVI for the example's subVI? Does it work correctly then? If so, there must be something strange going on in the rest of your top-level code. If not, it sounds like the problem is specific to your subVI.

Let me know what happens! Have a nice evening.
Sarah K.
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