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string data management in voice controlled data acquisition

I am trying to implement the voice recognition module provided by labview (using microsoft  .NET constructor) with DAQ system. 

I am trying to use event structure and case structures. I am having problems with following.


1. I only have one input string where data is changing everytime, a command is recognized. What I want to do is once a main command is recognized, I want to store that command, soit can keep one case structure active, while other commands can still activate other case structures.

e.g. If I say "begin data acquisition", it starts that case and keep it on while i give it other commands for other case structures, until another command like "stop data acquisition" is send.


2. I want to change the voltage range, sample size and sample rate of the daqmx low level vis while the program is still running by sending commands from the same string. I do realize, I would have to use case structures. But since some daqmx vis are outside the while loop, is it still possible to change their values dynamically? 


any advice or related work would be very helpful. Thank you so much.

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I have tried using an string indicator as a memory by defining only the cases I want as the saved value, it should update  the command memory if it reads a command thats in the case and the command memory should update and send that command to another case structure. or keep that case on until another relevant command appears. but somehow its not updating the values. vi is attached below.

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