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sort received byte in array


i need some help to change my vi (attached)

as u can see my current program looks like this - if 2byte receive is 1111 then the value after it will goes to 1111 column then if 2222 then it goes to 2222 column but i want to change it to be like this - i'll receive one frame containing 7bytes continuously, so then i want my program to make byte2 go to column 1111,byte4 to column 2222,byte6 to column 3333 and byte7 to column only need 4 data here..the received byte is in hex but i want it in decimal as it is put into the table

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You forgot to attach your VI.


(Is the problem related to this thread?)

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ouh!sorry for it is

yes it is

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I'm sorry but I can't understand your post.  Please capitalize the word "I".  Please break your paragraph up into sentences that use punctuation and capitalize the first letter of the sentence.  The word is "you" not "u".  It all reads as one long run on sentence.


You say "As you can see", but yet there is nothing attached to see.


Since this seems to be a continuation of at least one of your other posts I'd suggest to ask your question there.

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You basically attached my earlier program, nothing new there. What have you tried so far? What problems did you encounter?

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