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I have used smtp send message  and i am getting ERROR-TCP Open Connection in NI_SMTPEmail.lvlib:SMTP Email Open>NI_SMTPEmail.lvlib:SMTP Email Send Message>NI_SMTPEmail.lvlib:SMTP Email Send> .

plz tell me solution.

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Accepted by topic author V-SOLAPUR

How can we tell you the solution if you haven't told us what you're doing? You've given absolutely no details on what you're doing. You haven't indicated to whom you're trying to send email. You haven't shown us what code you're using. If this is related to your earlier message, then please do not create multiple threads. Stick to ONE thread.

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 I am sending my vi .

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Have you done a searched for forum for all of the posts related to gmail? Since gmail requires authenication, you cannot use the smtp functions.

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Please tell me  for gmail authentication what should i do?

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Please do a search. Your question has been asked MANY TIMES before, and examples have been posted.

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