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simple calculator design



 iam requesting to provide me simple calculator...... i have seen a LabVIEW calculator here which is very big....... but i want small one which performs just add,sub,mul and div.....


please provide me a solution......iam just learner of labview.....


thank you

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quick search


also see here

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In general your "design" depends from the requirements.

You should create simple requirements specification which will describe the functionality, then constrain your design from the requirements doc.

Is such "calculator" simple enough for you?





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Hi Sunil Glad to hear that you've started using LabVIEW, I hope you get on well with it. If you follow this link
Jeremy T
Technical Marketing
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Hello sunil_v20,


As a new user of LabVIEW you will find this an interesting example.  One way to make this calculator is to use the State Machine Architecture, which generally involves have a Case Structure within a While Loop.  The input to the Case Structure can be which 'Operation button (+,-,/,etc) is pressed, and the output will be the result, passed into a shift register on the while loop.  You can navigate to an good example on the Developer Zone on the NI website by going to:



2. Clicking 'Developer Zone' from the main menu

3. Search the phrase 'State Machine' in the 'Search within results' search bar

4. Select example 'Coke Machine State Machine'


Do not hesitate to browse other examples of State Machines to help you with your application




George T.
Senior Applications Engineer
National Instruments UK and Ireland
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Apologies, my above post should have read:


Glad to hear that you've started using LabVIEW, I hope you get on well with it. If you follow, it should take you to the NI Developer Zone, where you can find a zip file containing a fully functioning calculator. What version of LabVIEW are you using? You should be aware that this VI will only work on versions later than 8.2.1 so if you have an earlier version then please let me know so that I can assist you further. Hope this helps,



Jeremy T
Technical Marketing
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Hi, Thank you for all replys........ actually i want to design a simple calcualor..... 1> it should consists a key pad looklike entering from 0 to 9 digits......... 2> it should do four functions add, sub, mul, div..... 3> max accepting numbers from keys----- any number What ever things provided above including VI is not working.......... kindly provide me the solution...... Thnak you
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Complete solutions is not something that is usually provided here. It seems like your actual task is to learn how to use LabVIEW. You' ve been given quite a few hints and example code. Try writing something and if you run into problems, attach your code to a post and someone will be glad to help you fix it.
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Thank you so much for these sugestions.....these are helped me to develop my own calculator.........



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Hello... 🙂


Even I tried the same VI but I'm unable to add "." point Can anybody please help...?


Thanks in advance... 🙂

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