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shared varable

I am starting a new project using 4 NI 1742 smart cameras to inspect a large surface. The cameras are mounted to a motor controlled platform to transverse across the surface. I plan to use shared variables for updating data from several sensors. As the cameras capture the images it needs sensor data to process the image/data in real-time. I need to update the sensor data approx every 5-10ms. When the camera is triggered approx every 20ms it reads the shared variable data and records it with processed imaged data. What happens when the PC is updating the shared variable while the camera is attempting to read it? Can this cause a problem updating or reading shared variables? Are there any know issued reading and writing shared variables at rates up to 1000hz?
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They won't be any issues. They are different buffers setup on each side. Have a look at the following article to get a good understaning of shared variables:

Using the LabVIEW Shared Variable


Post back if you have any questions.

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Adnan Zafar
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