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selecting a directory by clicking instead of "select cur dir"

When using the LV file dialog the provided way to select a directory is very confusing and constantly leads to mis-usage.
I have a user-interface where a couple of files is used that are all in a common folder. An uninitiated user would use the windows/LV file dialog to click through until he has high-lighted the directory he is expecting to hold all info. Pushing now the "Select Current Directory" is disastorous as it will return the parent directory of the one high-lighted, the high-light is just discarded.
You may argument, that the button does right what it is written on it, but this completely contrary to the windows look and feel and so many users just tripped, that I modified it to "select current file" and have users enter the directory and select one of the files I need. But I only  use it to get back to the dir.

I am sure there must be somewhere in the windows API a function that does excatly what I want. I would appreciate some hint to what it is.

7.1 -- 2013
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Please see the reply from tst in this thread:

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Thanks Thomas

that was what I was looking for. Googling with a new target although gave me a new multitude for complicated methods to start with a root path. You would think, that such a common problem as path-string to pIDList had a simpler solution....

7.1 -- 2013
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