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save 2d array of cluster of 1 element

Hi All,


How could I save the results into a file? Please refer to my attachment.

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Does the type of file matter? If not, you could simply wire it to the Write to Binary File function.
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Thanks for the reply. To answer your question - I need to save it into a file that can be read by Origin or at least Excel.


Many thanks.

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I don't know what Origin is, and I don't know what you mean by being able to read it with Excel. An Excel sheet is tabular data, so you would need to reorganize your data so it's tabular before you can write it out to a file that can be read into Excel. Your data format consists of clusters inside of clusters inside of arrays inside of... This is not suitable for Excel (or anything else, for that matter). Thus, you would need to write an appropriate VI that takes your data array and reformats it into something more "suitable".
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