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read and save 9 to 16 different signals?


I want to read and save 9 to 16 different signals (coming
from different hot wires). For this, I have:

      - 16-Analog-Input Multifunction DAQ card PCI-6052E,

      - SCXI 1000 chassis connected

- module SCXI 1140 connected to SCXI-1000

- two SCXI 1305 connected to SCXI1140.

I can see the signal of the 8 first channels from the first
SCXI-1305, but when I connect the signal generator to the second SCXI-1305, I
can not see the signal. From the “Measurment and Automation Explorer “, when I
test the module SCXI1140, I can see the signal from both SCXI-1305.

How I can read and save 9 to 16 different signals?

I am using Labview 7.1. I attached my labview VI for indication.

Thanks so much for your help.
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You are not a newcomer in this forum, in fact you have been a member in this forum since 11-23-2007. And this is the best you could pull out of your hat? I got Goosebumps.  I have 3 words for you. "Example finder+continuous"


Besides which, my opinion is that Express VIs Carthage must be destroyed deleted
(Sorry no Labview "brag list" so far)
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Hi t06afre,

What a Sunday morning? Really I had Goosebumps when I read your replay. I wasn’t waiting to such replay and I didn’t understand why you’re so mad about me. I was just looking for your help and your replay didn’t help. To be honest, I spent one and half week before posting my problem. Maybe nothing can be pulled out from my hat, but your answer explains what we can pull from your hat. Maybe your smart but for sure, you lack of wisdom.

Even I am old in the forum, it doesn’t mean I am an expert in Labview. I try to do my best to find my need. I am grateful for your colleagues and those anonyms who helped me in my way.

Anyway, I still need help to solve my problem; hope there is another less arrogant who can help.


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Did you follow my advise ? It will help you.

Besides which, my opinion is that Express VIs Carthage must be destroyed deleted
(Sorry no Labview "brag list" so far)
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Hello again,

Which advise you talking about? Be clearer please. The 3 words "Example finder+continuous" are not so clear for me.

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       What he was trying to help with was to go to the Help button on the LV 7.1 getting started page and then click the Search Tab at the top and search "Continous" to find shipping examples on Continuously Aquiring Samples. Unfortunately it was left up to you to sift through the 103 results to find the correct one. If you don't mind, let's get some more information from you on this problem. What kind of signals/samples are you trying to get? You said that you have 2 1305s hooked up to your 1140, how is this done (I'm not doubting you but when I pulled up the module at I only saw one slot)? So if I understand your setup you have 2 1305s hooked up to a 1140 which is in your SCXI 1000 chassis which is pulled into the PCI-6052E card in your computer, is this right? What do you have going into your 1305s? On the software side of the problem, are you just seeing your data for one run or do you only get results from half of the channels? I am trying to determine if you have a while loop around your data aquisition code or not. Don't worry though because we are here to help and will get this solved for you. A picture of your code might also help. Cheers!!

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Thank you, 


I verified my set-up, in fact I have 2 modules SCXI-1140 instaled in the chassis SCXI-1000. I connected to each one SCXI-1140 one SCXI-1305. In the reer on the SCXI-1000, I connected one Mounting Bracket (sorry I am not sure about it's name, I think it is the SCXI-1351) to one of the SCXI-1140. The other end of the Mounting Bracket is connected to my PCI-6052E card via appropriate cable. The other SCXI-1140 is not connected to any where!!!!

My question is how I can connect the 2 SCXI-1140 to my PCI-6052E? or what is the name of the apprpriate cable that can connect the second SCXI-1140 to the Mounting Bracket (because it has another inlet)?

Thank you.

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         I'm actually more confused about your setup than before Smiley Happy What are you using the 1140 modules for? I thought that they were just modules you slid into the SCXI chassis. Do you see all of your modules in Measurement and Automation Explorer? If you can see it in MAX, then you will be able to programmatically access them in LabVIEW. What type of data/signals are you trying to get?

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