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"The evaluation period for some of your software can be extended..."

Installed LabVIEW 2012 for which we have a license. Apparently it installed Application Builder without my knowledge or consent. Now, -everytime- I try to launch LabVIEW I get an annoying dialog, "The evaluation period for some of your software can be extended.  Would you like to extend the evaluation periods now?" Only if you will let me get my work done and quit bothering me with advertisements...


How do I get rid of this "evaluation" software that I did not install and do not want?

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add/remove programs or hit that little check box on the Eval advertisment window that says do not show me the ad aagain.



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No such thing in Add/Remove Programs.


I did find a checkbox on the main window that says, "Do not show this window at startup". That works

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There should be a generic national instruments entry in the add/remove programs list.  "Uninstall" this and you will get a window with all the NI software listed.  Select what you want to delete and proceed from there.  

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Apparently you have to check the "Do not ever show this dialoag again" box under every possible scenario. The dialog no longer appears when I select from the Start menu.  But I just doubled clicked a VI file and the dialog popped up again...

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