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programmatically configuring datasocket


I want to programmatically configure controls in order
that they use Datasocket.
It does not seem to work, either using control property node
or Control Reference.
The datasocket is not created.
I'm using LabView Version 6.0.2
Any idea?
Nota: if I configure the datasocket directly from the control front panel menu, all is fine.
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In earlier versions of LabVIEW, there was a VI on the Functions palette that programmatically launches DataSocket Server. In LabVIEW 6.0.2 this VI is an internal VI. It launches DataSocket Server, the Launch DS Server if Local URL VI. However, it now is located in the ..\labview 6\examples\comm\datasktx.llb. You might find it easier to access the VI by opening a DataSocket example and copying the VI from the block diagram. The Launch DS Server if Local URL VI is on the block diagrams of the following DataSocket example VIs:
DS Reader with Attributes
DS Reader
DS Writer with Attributes
DS Writer

Zvezdana S.
National Instrument
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