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problem calling labview 8.2 generated DLL with microsoft c6.

I've a problem calling labview 8.2 generated DLL with  microsoft c6.
The application is:
fpga 7813
a dll generated with lv 8.2. The task of the dll is only to pass simple parameters (chars) from c to the fpga and backward.
Every time the c programs calls a dll function Windows Task Manager losses 2 handles. After minutes or hours the system crashes and other programs (for example nidaqmx) fail to make theyr tasks.
When I kill the application the system number of handles returns to the value it had before the run.
 I'm sure the parameter passing and returning is correct.
Anybody has experienced this kind of memory loss? Shoud I make any type of HANDLE deallocation?
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Hi Phil,

just wanted to ask you a question to understand where the problem is.

Did you already figured out if the problem is in the communication between the host and the FPGA target (running in LabVIEW) or if it's a problem generated calling the DLL in the C program?

Do you get some error code when the crash occurs?


Andrea N.

Andrea N.
Principal Applications Engineer - Semiconductor EMEA
National Instruments Italy
Certified LabVIEW Architect - Certified TestStand Architect
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It's the same reply I've got from NI. I didn't try because now I'm far from the system where I get the error.  I'll try it soon.

However I haven't crashes when calling the functions. I can call them thousands times, until the system handles are over. Then all the system begin to be unstable (especially nidaq-mx).

It's very strange that nobody in the globe  hadn't this problem before. 🙂


Phil Salamone

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