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please help: password protected GUI


can any one help me GUI of application to be password protected. in the attachment graph whould be visible all the time but when i enter 1 password filtered signal and its corresponding parameters are visible (now graph and filtered signal waveform and its parameter are visible) and when i enter 2nd password all things must be visible.

please help
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Duplicate post.

Besides, the VI is not password protected, so I have no idea what you're talking about. Please rephrase your question as it doesn't make sense what you're asking.
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smercurio_fc, see now you are following me around.... 😮 (Beat you by a few minutes on the other tread).
I think the question is not about passwording the diagram, but a UI choice where certain parts are only shown after entering a password. For example, there might be data for the operator and there might be extra data or controls only of interest to the engineer. The display should change depending on the  privileges of the current user.

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Yeah, I was kind of amused after I posted my response since I hadn't seen your post in the other thread. I was interrupted while creating mine, so that probably accounts for the time difference. So effectively, a circular reference was created. I wonder if that will blow up the boards. Smiley Very Happy

I have to congratulate you on discerning what the user was asking for. I was certainly confused, probably because I was looking at the VI and not being able to understand what was trying to be done. Your guess seems to make sense.
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yes i want to know what altenbach says please help me for that..
if possible with my VI


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yes i want to know what 
altenbach says please help me for that..
if possible with my VI

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Please open the example finder on LabVIEW and look for an example called "login dialog". It shows you how to authenticate a user. Modify it as needed for your specific purpose. Now you would just create two VI states, and select one depending on the outcome of the password entry.

You can show or hide any object on the front panel using property nodes with the "visible?" property.

Alternatively, you could e.g. use a tab control (with hidden tabs) and show appropriate panel depending on the user state.

See how far you get. 🙂

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hi altenbach

as i am new to labview please help me to learn it.
please help me with as example

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hi altenbach

help me with both the methods you said..
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i am not able to hide the window, when password is wrong. please help me.
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