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phasor values

Hello so i am trying to get a few phasor values from a output voltage of a simple voltage divider that i made. I the voltage divider connect to a mydaq, i am basically treating my mydaq like a pmu (phasor measurment unit) so i can estimate the phasor from the output voltage. I have everything set up as far a program in labview i get the waveform and value but dont know how to get phasor values from this voltage reading.

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How would you get phasor information if you were measuring the waveform with an oscilloscope?  You need to have a timing reference.  You need to synchronize the voltage waveform measurement with that timing reference.


How you do that depends on what you choose for the reference.



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I not measuring with a oscilloscope, i have a voltage divider set up and the output voltage is 2.83, i have a labview code that displays that voltage but since its DC i dont think i could get phasor correct. What do you mean by time reference.

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Hi muscles05,


Unfortunately, phasor analysis is not possible with a DC signal. Please see the link below for more information about phasors.


Phasor Wki:

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what type of a expierment can i run where i can sample a voltage get phasors out of it.

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Here are some phasor domain examples:


You can use NI products to simulate or measure these example circuits and confirm that you are coming to the correct solution.

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