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oscillating amplidude waveform to be smoothed out, and calculate frequency of difference of original waveform

a steep impulse of oscillating amplitude, i need to smooth out the waveform and calculate the frequency of difference of original waveform and smoothed waveform how to do this?
i have tried to do with calculating moving average of the data points.
i have attached the data points here with.
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I was not able to open the MS Word DOC attached to your post, so I am not exactly clear what your dataset looks like. When you say you have an oscillating input that is an impulse, do you mean that the waveform contains discrete jumps? If so how would you like to smooth the waveform?

Can you please post two graphs, or two sets of datapoints which describe your input and output? By looking at exactly how a specific input should be translated to a specific output we should be able to give you a much more specific answer.

Scott Y


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