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niimaqdx.dll & nivision.dll

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I have built an application exe file that works well. I then added images from a camera and sent the updated exe file.  The end user is getting an error of resource not found, niimaqdx.dll & nivision.dll. 

I was not aware that some if the VIs I used were NIvision because I don't have a vision license.

From what I have found, it sounds like I need to build a new install file, in addition the target computer must have a nivision license.  Is this correct?

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Hi Metzler,


Yes, if the developer uses either Vision Acquisition Software, or the more functional Vision Development Suite, the target computer must have a Vision Acquisition Software license to run it. But, it seems like a mystery that your application uses vision VIs if you don't have them on your computer... 

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The VIs are actually on the development computer, but I don't have a license for vision - I have the professional Development license.

I wonder if it was ever included with my license.

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Interesting. Just out of curiosity, what is the LabVIEW version/year you are using?

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Hmm... if you look at this page, Vision analysis is not included in any of the LabVIEW versions. But, now that I think about it, I do recall seeing the checkbox to install it when I was installing LabVIEW last time. It was unchecked by default. If you check it, then you probably install it and use it in evaluation mode until your trial expires. Maybe that's how they trick people into buying extra add-ons! 

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Strange, I have been building this VI in my spare time for about 3 months, I think their trial time is 30 days.

This really messed me up since the application need a license on the target computer.

I will have to reprogram the image part using the camera vendor's VIs, but they don't seem to work as well.


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