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myRio for Data Acquisition and Control - Data type errors



I am a researcher working on hydraulic systems. I am trying to use a myRio to collect data and control a system based on this measurement. I have run tests and this code works to visualize the signals and measurements from my sensors. My trouble is in collecting all of the data from a trial and saving it to a csv or in excel. Whenever I try to use write measurement or any other express VI, I keep getting some type of data type error.


In the picture attached, I have a simulated voltage input [0,5] (which in actuality is an analog input). In my apparatus, this is connected to a pcb which feeds the input. I convert the voltage to current via resistance and linearize to my sensor readings. I want to collect the appended array from my trial and save this as time series data from each sensor (preferably csv). 


Screenshot 2020-10-30 152556.png

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Please attach VIs (not pictures of parts of VIs) to allow us to understand your problem/code and provide some help to you.  You can send the Folder holding the Project files to "Compress" (.zip), and attach the resulting .zip file.


The myRIO runs LabVIEW Real-Time, and is usually (always?) programmed as part of a LabVIEW RT Project, with a Host (PC) running LabVIEW connected to the myRIO.  The Host has the Front Panel, Keyboard, Mouse, Display, and File System, and the myRIO has the A/D, DIO, and FPGA (if you need to use it directly).  Is this how you are planning to develop your Project?


Bob Schor

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