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myRIO in scan mode i.e.%2C as daq assistant

dear  NI,


I've some queries regarding using myRIO as daq.


i know the procedure how to create MyRIO in scan mode.



1. Initially i've created a project. on the top, i've right clicked on the untitled project >>targets and devices>>myrio>>myrio 9100. now i want to use it in scan mode. for that i've rightclicked on myrio. but nothing is displaying. as i result i press ok. then it is directed to the FPGA project as shown below. Normally, it has to ask whether to operate in FPGA mode or in scan mode. but it is not asking anything. It simply directed to FPGA project as shown in the figure below.

my rio project creation.JPG


here is  some more information that you may need additionally. This is the new opened myRIO, i've used. By default accelerometer program is made to run.


after this i want to create my own project and i followed the procedure shown above.


now tell me how to use my rio in scan mode. can you direct me some place or suggest me the way.


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Right-click the myRIO.  Go to Properties.  Choose "Scan Mode"



Also, you're not using this device as DAQ or as a DAQ Assistant.  That's for DAQ devices.  You're using a RIO device.  You should keep the terminology straight or you'll run into issues when you ask for help with something more complex.

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There is not a scan mode for the myRIO. There are 2 options when using a myRIO1900. 


This is probably what you are looking for.

If you install the myRIO toolkit you'll have access to the myRIO template project that allows you to use the myRIO VIs to interact with the IO on the myRIO without programming the FPGA.


You're screen shots show myRIO in FPGA mode where you can program alot of required code yourself to interact with FPGA and not required to use a specific API. You can create a simple vi to pass through the fpga IO directly to Real-Time if you want.

Kyle Hartley
Senior Embedded Software Engineer

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