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multiple USB cameras in Labview

Hi I understand that NI had not supported multiple USB cameras as of 2008.  Is this still the case?  Is there any way I can get two webcams to work on Labview simultaneously?  This is a stereo vision project.


I would appreciate any guidance.







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Hi Puya,

if you work on a Windows platform, then you can use the Windows driver to use two or more webcams at the same time.

For more information about it, see this search results please.



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Thanks for your response Mike.  I had a look at the posts you listed and also downloaded McArthurs program.  It worked for one camera.  i still dont understand how I can make it see two cams.  There seems to be no provision in the VI to select a particular camera when you have more than one attached.





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Hi Puya,

you can call the entire process two times. Select the other camera before calling it the second time. You can use the SendMessage function to show a dialoag, where you can select the other camera.



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THanks Mike.  I'll give that a go and see what happens.  It would be best to programmatically select the camera rather than have a pop up prompting the user but at this stage ill be happy with anything that works!  Thanks again.



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Hi everyone,


I tried to get more then one video from diferents webcams, with the program of kangkang, but i dont know how to program that part to select the source webcam. I just know that this has to do after choose "windows WDM image capture", cos this webcams drivers work with this WDM.

Somebody has the solution of this problem?

my regards..
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Hi Marzero0,

i can later post an example.



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Hi MikeS81,


Thanx a lot, ill been waiting for that example!




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Hi Marzero0,

attached you will find the example. Start the The first dialog to select the webcam will be forced, the second comes automatically.


Hope it helps.


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Hi MikeS81,


Thanx a lot for the example, it works gr8!! but i had to put the choose webcam option to the second process, otherwise appears a black window.

Now im trying to use the "web server" tool with this example, to use it in a remote way (first try -> doesnt work). If anybody can help it will be great! Thanx again MikeS81.



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