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labview on Mac

Is there possibility that I can install labview on a MacBook with M1/M1 Pro/M2? Directly or through a windows virtual machine.

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I don't know Mac hardware or software, but a Web search reveals this table of LabVIEW compatibility with MacOS's. 


Bob Schor

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There are people who tried it and they sort of got it to work for LabVIEW itself. They were very experienced Macintosh aficionados and not afraid to tinker with system settings and such.


However that’s of limited value since there is no possibility of installing any of the (very few for Mac) available hardware drivers. Hardware drivers generally use kext kernel drivers and Apple decided that trying to virtualize the kernel environment too to let it run legacy drivers under Rosetta 2 is an infeasible project. Which I would wholeheartedly agree with.

Rolf Kalbermatter
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