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labview crashed when attempting to send array to matlab program

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I am trying to create a simple VI that takes an image with my allied vision usb3.0 camera, converts the image to an array of pixel values, then sends this array to a matlab function. This is basically a test VI to make sure I understand how all these different functionalities work since I am new to IMAQdx and using matlab functions in a VI. Everything works well until I try to call the matlab function and pass the array to it. Then labview crashes and I get an access violation error. Ive seen the recommendations here: and followed the ones short of uninstalling, which I'd like to avoid (and don't think would help since this seems tied to a particular issue).


The VI is attached, the matlab function is not, but it is very simple: function plotIm(im); disp(im(1));end. Note that i have been able to call matlab functions successfully in a different program. Any Idea what is causing this issue?

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Usually this happens with MatLab and LabVIEW when there is a mismatch of the array dimensions, or data type between what LabVIEW sends and what MatLab expects. So I would double check they match. If you attach your matlab file, it would be easier for someone to look and try it as well.

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thanks for you reply. The matlab code is listed in the question, only one line. 

I will try and check the data types. The image VIs do produce data types I am unfamiliar with so maybe I need to convert it to something matlab likes


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After I converted the data type to a double precision floating point type array, it worked! My camera was black and white so it was using u8 data type. A more descriptive error message would sure be helpful here!!!!

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