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labview RT with CompactRIO

Hello. I am new to LabVIEW RT. I have recently installed the required software for configuring CompactRIO and accessing real time module.  I want to generate PWM signals in cRIO (CompactRIO) for control of an inverter. 


Can anyone please give me guidelines as to how to start creating VIs communicating cRIO and Real Time module? 


If possible please give me basic examples on labview RT. 


Please help me, as this is for my PG project. 


Thank you. 


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Check This out.

Labview 6.1 - 2019
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If you are having insomnia, I would also recommend going throught the NI CompactRIO Developer's Guide.

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Thank you for the response. It was helpful.

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Have you explored the help menu at all?  There's a find examples section that will have some cRIO examples to help you get started as well.  Look in the Hardware Input and Output folder.

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