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labview 8.6 doesn't install on win10 cause "Windows SDK error -12"

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I try to reinstall Labview 8.6 in a fresh win10 install on a Dell XPS laptop because I need to look for a bug in an old program.

The "setup.exe" lead immediatly to "****Erreur:La fonction Windows SDK a renvoyé une erreur (code d'erreur -12).****"

(Error: Windows SDK function returned an error : error code -12) and Labview 8.6 dosen't install!!

Labview 8.5 et 8.5.1 are OK but I need 8.6 ...


I copied DVDs on hard drive and lauched setup from harddrive but it produced the same result...

Any idea?...


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From NI Product Compatibility for Microsoft Windows 10, the first supported LabVIEW version is 2015 SP1.

An unsupported version has not been tested and validated by NI R&D and will not be guaranteed to work properly.


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This is apparently a longstanding problem. Someone ran into a similar problem in 2010 :




The LabVIEW 8.6 IDE can be installed and will run even on Windows 11.

- But don't expect to be able to install/use matching hardware drivers.


There is a Knowledge article about the specific error ( advices to check up on .NET ) :



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Accepted by topic author Mirekal


Thank you for the link.

I retrieved the one corresponding to your screenshot:

Infortunately, the link to the KB article is dead... and whatever I'm on Win10 and not on Win7.


I verified that NET.Framework 3.5 was active in Wind10 functionnalities... it was...but still SDK error -12 ...


Finally, I leave the direct LV860DVD_1 setup.exe or autorun.exe and launched

LV860DVD_1\Distributions\LabVIEW 8.6\LabVIEW860\setup.exe       ... with success!!

With the Labview 8.6 Drivers DVD, I installed all the drivers I need and in the same way, I launched

LV860DVD_1\Distributions\LabVIEW Application Builder 8.6\setup.exe     ... wich installed the builder 😅.


I've not still test all the configuration, but it seems to work...   I will say later if all is OK.


Thanks for your help.


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With the NI Drivers DVD wich comes with Labview 8.6, NIDAQmx is not installed for Labview 8.6 even if it is marked in the list...

I found NIDAQ951f2.exe in my old disks and it's OK for Labview 8.6.


So, Labview 8.6 software and NIDAQ951f2 seems to work on win10 even to build an exe wich runs with the LVRTE86std.exe runtime.


Thanks for all.

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According to this compatibility chart is DAQmx 9.5.1 the latest version which installs support into LabVIEW 8.6.x.


That it seems to work on Windows 10 may be because you are likely not having a PCI:PCIe card. It’s still shaky but as long as it works!!!


Especially on newest PCs with 13th generation or newer Intel CPUs and according chipsets, the older NI device drivers will regularly blue screen your computer in Windows 10 and especially 11. 

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