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labview 7.1 serial communication compatibilitty with windows 7

I have been using LabVIEW 7.1 with Windows 7 and Vista for a few years without difficulty despite some of the forums indicating compatibility issues. 


I recently had a hard drive issue and had to reinstall Windows 7 and LV 7.1.  Everything seems  to function fine with the exception of serial communication.  I have executables running fine with the run time engine but serial communications will not work in the development environment.  Even the LV canned serial example VIs are not communicating.  I installed LV 7.1 on an XP laptop and everything works fine so I know it is a compatibility issue with the LV 7.1 and Windows 7 but it has worked without difficulty for years.


Any suggestions or should I just consider myself lucky that it ever worked with Windows 7 and move on?  Is there a driver patch or something that is available?

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Do you know what version of VISA you had installed?  You may try looking at the different versions NI has on its website and see if there is one you can get to work.

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I also had been using Labview 7.1 on windows 7, until I've Upgraded to Labview 2011.


I think you need to have NI Visa version 3.1, or the serial communication won't work.


Also on this thread, it's explained that with administrator rights visa works, but in a normal user it won't work, mybe it's your case.

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