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is there a way to do a programmatic latch

I was wondering if there was a way to do a mimic a boolean latch control behavior but automatically in the code and not by pressing a button.  For example, is there something I could wire to the "reset" input of an "elpased time" that would reset it, this input reqires a latch type boolean control, that goes high, gets read then goes low again, can I mimic this behavior someway in the code?


but mimic it in one iteration, not by having something high, feeding th eelapsed time vi the high, then bringing it low and in the next iteration feeding it the low


I say this because my iterations take a long time and I would like the elapsed time vi to start counting down immediately upon a programmatic reset, not on the next iteration



much thanks!

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nevermind I figured it out, by the way, is it possible to delete a post in here?

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No, it is not possible for users to delete posts. You can send a note to the moderator if you really want to have a thread deleted. To do so, use the Options menu to send a note.

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