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interfacing labview with relays

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Could someone please tell me how could I interface labview to an relay in the external hardware to switch ON/OFF the path of a circuit. Thankyou in advance...........



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you need some DAQ hardware...

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could you please tell me what kind of DAQ hardware device can I use......

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you could use any hardware that allows to output digital signals. The cheapest from NI might be the USB6000…

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using LV2016/2019/2021 on Win10/11+cRIO, TestStand2016/2019
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MCCDAQ has the least expensive DAQ's, or you could pay more and have the relay bult into the board (


You could try using the parallel port with LabVIEW, I saw this work many years ago.


You should know that unless the board is built with the relay installed like the link above, you will need to amplify the signal so that it can drive the coil.

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I like to use the PCI/PXI-6009 DIO card (96 DIO!) to control relays.  That card can put out enough current to turn on a transistor that will then turn on a relay or drive a SSR directly (depending on how much current the control needs).

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For those on a budget I usually recommend an Arduino Uno.  You can usually find them for under $30, sometimes under $20.  Then you load up the LIFA toolkit by NI, and you've got your self a bunch of DIO, a few AI, PWM, SPI, I2C, and a few other basic features.  Again you won't be driving relayes directly with this, each pin has a very low current capability.  You would have some kind of buffer circuit that could drive a mechanical relay.

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Thanks alot......Actually I am using GPIB  as the DAQ hardware to interface labview with my test circuit, in which I am using relays for switching purpose........ is it possible to use the same GPIB  even to interface the relays with labview ? 


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GPIB is not DAQ hardware. If you have a GPIB instrument that has some sort of switching, you should have mentioned that in the first place and if you want help in controlling this instrument, provide the make and model. I would also hope that you've already checked for an instrument driver by using Help> Find Instrument Drivers.
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