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integrate fourier properties and filtering

Hi all,
as discussed in some threads which I started earlier, I need to apply the DTFT properties as well as filtering of signals as a part of my requirement.
I've done up a program to integrate these functions together and hope someone can help me to review it. I'm not sure whether I'd done the program correctly as my fundamentals for LabVIEW programming is very minimal.
Please find attached my vi file.
Thanks and best regards,
Gareth, Singapore.
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I have some input signals, generated from the Signal Generator by
After generating those signals, I would like to apply the DTFT and display them as impulses. I believe at this time, I can apply the properties of the DTFT (but I'm seriously very doubtful about the program I'd already done) It's very very wrong at this part. Can someone help me take a look and see what had gone wrong.
Lastly, after apply those properties, I would like to filter those signals by either butterworth, chebyshev, inv chebyshev, elliptic or bessel. I had done up this portion but am not sure whether should I apply this part first before applying the DTFT, or applied DTFT then apply these filters.
Please help me. My deadline is so close, counting down. I only have 21 days left to submit.
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