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ignoring password-protected VIs during text searches

When I search all VIs in memory for some text, and the search runs across a National Instruments VI with a password-protected block diagram, I have to deal with a dialog box every time such a VI is found. This can get annoying when there are many such dialogs per search.

Is there a way to automatically ignore the password-protected VIs during searches (without moving them to vi.lib)?

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Hello Bruce,

We've run across this problem occasionally in the past, and there are a few options available to you, in order of usefulness and scope.  First, as you implied, you can exclude all VI's in vi.lib, so moving a protected VI to this folder will allow for its exclusion without additional steps.  Second, if you are searching the same set of VI's all of the time, you can search only selected VI's loaded in memory, manually excluding those that have protected diagrams.  Lastly, you can choose the 'More Options' button and deselect searching on block diagrams.  This will limit your search scope, but will also prevent the annoying dialog box.  If none of these options are sufficient, I encourage you to tell our developers that this feature would benefit you on our product feedback page.


Matt Pollock
National Instruments
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